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Miami based artist  Charlotta Jane Oedekoven a.k.a Blood&Candy was born in Edmonton, Canada and moved to Munich, Germany as a child. Early on she demonstrated an extraordinary passion for drawing, so she was directed to the Munich Academy of Art, where she did her first oil painting at 9 years old. This painting was “The Blue Horse” by artist Franz Marc, member of the German Expressionist Group “Der Blaue Reiter” (The Blue Rider). Marc remains Charlotta`s favorite Artist of all times and has influenced her work in regards to use of vibrant color and the subject of animals, especially Horses. Therefore she has also become an established equine Artist. >Paintmypony shows the portfolio of commissioned horse and dog portraits.


Charlotta started studying Art History and Philosophy at the University of Munich but decided to take a different direction and pursue an education in design.

After a one year program in Dusseldorf for graphic, product and interior design, she applied at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK) in Switzerland and was accepted. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts (BFA) in Industrial Design, specializing in set and exhibition design and had her first exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design in Zurich, presenting a 3D anamorphic art installation inspired by a lucid dream thematizing fragments of her childhood.


Subsequently she decided to leave Europe and move to Miami, Florida. Her focus went back to the fine arts but with a very illustrative approach. Enjoying a new freedom of expression and strongly influenced by her environment she started painting a body of works called M.I.A (Miami Inspired Art), which laid the foundation to more complex compositions, such as the “Hangover” series. The imagery consists of characters in urban, realistic as well as fictive or surreal landscapes. Using oil, acrylics or mixed media, she creates detailed narrative compositions in which the characters interact with each other and let the spectator be part of their story.


“I love to evoke emotions and stimulate communication. I want the viewer to be part of the pARTy, laugh, be silly, be provoked, be arroused, contemplate. Allthough I create art from a motivation within- which is very personal- i am always aware that Art is Entertainment and Pop Cartoonism is a perfect tool for that. I feel like we are all cartoon characters created by someone or something and it shows that humor is to be found everywhere and i use sarcasm and irony as my visual tools. My art creates a special form of interaction with the audience. Observing people pause, turn to the stranger standing next to them and start a casual conversation, continuously discovering new details together, inventing the dialogues, until both feel like they`ve known each other for years makes me happy. Its almost like gossip. Art can create gossip without saying a word.”


As this suggests, the visual content and topics derived from years of drawing and illustrating, perfecting the art of narration on canvas. Charlotta illustrated the German Children`s Book “Charlotte`s Phantastische Geschichten” (Charlotte` phantastical stories) and "The Tasting Room"-(funny anecdotes from the wine tasting counter) and is currently working on a comic book called “The Superuschi`s”. She has also worked as an illustrator for the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Switzerland and Parc ELA, Switzerland, as well as Virginia Slim Cigarettes.

© 2019 Charlotta Oedekoven

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